How long will Blurb store my book?

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How long will books remain on Blurb's site?

  • Once you upload a book you have 15 days to order a printed copy.
  • Once your book is ordered it'll stay online until you (the account owner) delete it.  
  • If a book isn't ordered within 15 days it will be automatically deleted.
    • This is an automated process. Customer support can't stop books from being automatically deleted.
  • If your unpurchased book is deleted from your Blurb account, you can simply upload the book again.
  • Every upload (even of a previously-uploaded book) is treated as a new and separate project, with a new share and promote link.

Order deadline email for purchased book?

Did you receive an email indicating your book will be deleted even though you already purchased a copy? If so, you may have uploaded the same book twice without realizing it.

Log in to your Blurb account and go to your My Projects page. Every book you have uploaded will be listed there.

You may see multiple copies of the same or similar book. Here's how to tell which books have already been ordered:

  • Books that have not been purchased have an alert beside them– Don't forget: You have XX days left to order this book. 
  • Books that have been purchased will have a button that says Order More
  • You can delete any unwanted copies by clicking the delete button next to your book.
    • This cannot be undone, so be sure you delete only the unwanted version.


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