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To change the information listed about your book in the Blurb bookstore, please follow the steps below. These steps will only change the information displayed on our site, not what is printed on the book cover itself. To change the actual book cover, make your edits in the book-making software you chose and then re-upload your book.

Change title, subtitle, author, or description on Blurb

1. Log in to your Blurb account and go to My Dashboard in the upper right.

2. Find the book you'd like to update information about. To the right, click the button that says Sell My Book. Don't see that button? You're still working on an in-progress Bookify book and can click the Edit Book button to change the title information.


3. Next, click the Get Started button and fill in your book details. Save your edits to any of the title, author, description, etc. 

Remember, these changes only apply to the details shown on our website. Changes you make here will not alter what is printed or displayed in the book. 

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