How to use your own ISBN

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Already have your own ISBN? You can easily add it to your Blurb book once you're ready to publish. 

There are a few small things about ISBNs you should keep in mind:

  • An ISBN is a unique identifier for a particular version of a book. It is specific to a particular title, size, cover type, paper type, content, etc. Any changes to those or other certain criteria will require a new ISBN. Once you've settled on all the book options and finalized your content, then you can apply your ISBN.
  • Already used your ISBN on a previous version of your book? Unfortunately, it is not always possible to re-assign an ISBN once it has been used on a previous book/previous version.
  • Be sure that you have the final version of your book before assigning your ISBN to it. Otherwise you may need to purchase another ISBN for the new version of the book.

Review your book carefully before you assign your own ISBN. We highly recommend that you order and review a single Blurb-printed copy before adding your ISBN. That will allow you to see how your book looks in print and you can make any final changes before you assign your ISBN to the final version.

Use your own ISBN


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