How to decide between selling your Photo Book on Blurb and selling it on Amazon

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Here are some of the pros and cons of selling a Photo Book on Amazon versus selling on Blurb. 

  Amazon Blurb
I want my book to reach the largest possible audience. X  
My book could be recommended as "frequently purchased with" other books and products. X  
Once my book starts selling, it will be more visible to new prospective buyers. X  
Amazon will add a 15% fee to the cost of my book. X  
My prospective buyers are people I already know how to contact.   X
My book is going to be updated regularly.   X
I want to earn more money per sale.   X
A lower selling price is very important to me.   X

If you’ve already set up a book for sale on Blurb, but would like to also sell it on Amazon, here's how to sell it on both Blurb and Amazon

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