How to sell your book on both Amazon and Blurb

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If you want to sell your book on Amazon, we recommend listing it there alone. That's because once your book gains traction on Amazon, it’s more likely to get the attention of Amazon’s algorithms and be offered as a product that was “frequently purchased with” or “customers also viewed” for other searches. So every time someone buys or looks at your book on Amazon, it helps improve your book’s chances of being discovered by a possible purchaser. 

It is, however, possible to sell your book on both sites. Please note that due to Amazon requirements your Blurb Photo Book selling price must match the selling price on Amazon.

Sell your book on both Amazon and Blurb

Already have your book set up to sell on Blurb? Here’s how to list another copy of it on Amazon:

  1. Go back to your book-making tool and upload a second copy of that book to your account on Blurb.
  2. Follow the flow to list this second book for sale on Amazon. Here's how to sell your Trade Book on Amazon, and here's information on selling your Photo Book on Amazon.
  3. Take note of what the final Amazon price for your book is on your listing. (The Amazon price = List Price, or the book’s base cost + Amazon’s fee + your profit).
  4. Go to your dashboard and find that version of your book that you have set up for sale on Blurb.
  5. Click Sell My Book > Sell & Distribute > Set Up Listing and adjust your profit so that the Blurb price matches what your book is selling for on Amazon.

A Photo Book with a selling price on Blurb that is lower than the selling price on Amazon will be immediately removed from distribution on Amazon, so it's important that your Blurb List price match your Amazon List price. 

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