Set the paper type when selling your book

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When setting your book up for sale, you can make each uploaded book available for purchase in a single paper type.

Set paper type when setting up book for sale

1. From your dashboard, click on the button Sell My Book
2. On the Sell & Distribute tab, in the Book Pricing section select the type of paper you want to sell your book with.

  • If you made your book with BookSmart or Bookify, you can select any of the available paper types.
  • If you made your book with BookWright, our plug-in for Adobe InDesign, Lightroom, or the PDF Uploader, you may have limited paper options based on what you selected for your book during creation and upload.

Sell your book with more than one paper type

If you want buyers to be able to choose between paper types for your book, upload your book again and select another paper type for this version of your book.

Please note that people buying your book will not see the paper type specified. If you'd like them to know what paper you made available for that version, you can add it to the book description, e.g. "This version will be printed on Premium Matte paper."

More information on paper types

For more information on selecting paper types, check out our blog post that has everything you need to know about Blurb's paper types.

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