Using Java with BookSmart

Do I need to install Java to use BookSmart?

Java 6 must be installed when running BookSmart on a Mac. If using OSX 10.10 Yosemite and Safari you need to first go to then the Java 6 download pageIf you are using a PC, Java is included with the BookSmart installation so there is no need to have it pre-installed.

Is it safe to install Java on my computer?

You may have heard some negative buzz about issues using Java on your Mac. 

These issues have been specific to Java Applet, which is a plug-in for web browsers.  BookSmart is not a web application, so it is not dependent upon Java Applet.  

Therefore, it is safe to download and use BookSmart and to install and run the Java required, as there is no inherent risk in installing and running Java (the code, not the Applet) on your Mac. 

PC users - BookSmart for PC does not require Java, so you shouldn't give this a second thought.  

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