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If BookSmart can't connect to Blurb's servers it won't be able to upload your book. Try these tips if you're having problems uploading:

1. Use the latest version of BookSmart
You will not be able to upload books using versions of BookSmart older than version This is a required security update to bring BookSmart up-to-date with the latest security and privacy practices. If you receive the error message below this is probably the issue.

Download the latest version of BookSmart. Updating BookSmart will not harm your existing projects as they are stored in a separate location on your computer. If you would like to back up your projects before updating, please follow these steps.

Once you update BookSmart try uploading your book again. 


2. Log in to your Blurb account
BookSmart will prompt you to sign in before you can upload. If your sign-in credentials are incorrect you won't be able to upload your book. Sign in using either your email address or Blurb username, and your Blurb password. Note that both of these are case sensitive.

To confirm that you're using the correct log-in credentials go to Blurb's website. If you're already signed in click the Log Out link in the top right. Then sign in to Blurb's site again to ensure you're using the right username or email and password. You can reset your password if needed. 

3 Temporarily disable local security software
Anti-virus programs or firewall settings may interfere with the upload process. And i
f you're using BitDefender it can prevent BookSmart from reaching our servers and can't be easily disabled. BitDefender users may be able to successfully upload files by disabling real-time virus protection. 

4 Adjust your network proxy/firewall, Internet Service Provider proxy/content filters
Network or ISP level firewalls, proxies, and filters allow your browser to connect to, but won't allow the BookSmart application to do the same thing. Even if you're the network admin, these types of connection issues can be difficult to tackle. Try uploading from another location.

Still having issues?
Please contact us for further troubleshooting.

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