BookSmart warnings about image resolution or text overflow

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A warning can pop up in your book if you have an image with resolution too low to print well, or if you have a text container with text that will not print correctly.

Image resolution warning

When this icon pops up on a picture, it means that the picture you’ve selected is too low-resolution to print clearly at the current size. Even if it looks fine on your screen, it may look blurry in print. 

How to fix an image resolution issue
Option 1: Click the warning icon and click Fix to have BookSmart automatically reduce the size of your image so it will print better.

Option 2: Replace your picture with a higher-resolution picture.

Text overflow warning

When this icon appears on a text box, the amount of text exceeds the space provided, so some of the text will not be printed. BookSmart recognizes a space or a carriage return as a character, and extra spaces at the end of your text may trigger the warning. 

How to fix an text overflow issue
Option 1: Reduce the amount of text until the alert no longer appears.

Option 2: Click the warning icon then click Fix to automatically reduce the font size of the text.

Option 3: Select a page design that accommodates more text.

If the warnings won’t go away but your page looks good in preview mode, then you can ignore the warning and upload/order away. Use the Preview Book button to see if any of the text is missing.

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