Convert CMYK image to sRGB

If your image turned black when it was dropped into an image container in one of our book-making tools, chances are that it's a CMYK image that needs to be converted to sRGB.

What color space should my images be in?

If you're using BookWright, BookSmart, or Bookify for your project, your images should be either JPG or PNG files in the sRGB color space. Most images are already in sRGB since that's the default setting for digital cameras. If you're using our InDesign Plug-in, Lightroom, or PDF to Book workflow, your images can be CMYK or RGB of any profile.

How to change the color space of an image

You can change the color space using a third-party image editing program or via a third-party online convertor. Most image editing programs will enable you to change the color space of your images. Be sure to select sRGB when converting. 

Save scanned images as sRGB

If you are scanning images, then change your scan settings so that they don't save CMYK images, but rather sRGB images. 

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