Indent text in BookSmart

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You can use your Tab key in BookSmart to create an indent in your text. If you're having issues with indenting, it's usually due to one of these scenarios:

Don't copy/paste an indented or tabbed paragraph

If you pasted a tabbed/indented paragraph from a text-editing program, BookSmart won't be able to edit or delete the indentation. You’ll want to undo your indentations in your .doc file, and copy and paste again into BookSmart.

Indents/tabs are omitted from .doc import

If you're using the .doc importer, your indentations/tabs will be omitted. You'll need either to press Tab at the start of each paragraph in BookSmart, or simply use a Return to create a line of space between paragraphs. Please click here for more information on preparing your text for the .doc importer.

Entire paragraph indented left or right

If an entire paragraph in BookSmart is indented to the left or right and that isn't your desired formatting, click on your paragraph and then press one of the indentation buttons near the top right corner of your BookSmart screen. You’ll see one of the buttons increases the indentation while the other button reverses it.

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