Text guidelines for BookSmart

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There are different ways to add text to your book when using BookSmart.

1. Type it in from scratch
The simplest way to add text to your book is to just click in to a text container and start typing. You can use the text tools to format the text—make it bold, change the font, change the size, adjust the spacing, etc. 

2. Copy and paste your text from another source
If you're copying and pasting from a Word file, a website, or somewhere else, it's best to paste in only plain text (text with no formatting from other sources) then use the tools within BookSmart to format the text.

Create a plain text file of the text you want to copy/paste into BookSmart, using the steps below.  

  1. Create a plain text file. Paste your text from its source into a new document in Word, TextEdit, Notepad, etc. 
  2. Save that document as a plain text file. This removes any formatting that might cause problems when pasting the text into your book.
  3. Copy the text from the plain text file you just created.
  4. Paste that text into your book by right-clicking in a text container in BookSmart and selecting Paste Plain Text.

3. Word Import

If you're making a BookSmart Pocket or Trade book and have a Word document you'd like to import, check out all the details here.

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