How upgrade to the latest BookSmart version

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How to upgrade your BookSmart version

BookSmart does not automatically upgrade itself. If you'd like to upgrade BookSmart manually, go to our BookSmart download page and follow the instructions to reinstall.

Do I need to back up my books before I upgrade BookSmart? 

You do not need to back up your books before upgrading but it's *always* a good idea to back up your computer's important data on a regular basis. We cannot supply back-up book files to you if your computer crashes so it's wise to regularly back up your book projects. 

Where can I see my version number?

To view your current version of BookSmart, open BookSmart and, in the upper left, go to BookSmart > About Blurb BookSmart.

You'll then see the BookSmart version (and other information) appear.



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