Back up, move, transfer, or share your BookSmart books

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It's always a good idea to create a backup file of the book project you've been working hard on. You can also use this backup if you want to work on your book on a different computer, or share your book with a co-author.

Create a backup or shareable copy of your BookSmart project

1. Open the book you wish to backup or share in BookSmart.

2. Go to File > Export > Export Book Project (or Export/Backup Book or Create Book Archive).

3. Name your backup file and choose a location for the file (e.g. your Documents folder or desktop), then click Export. Don't include any special characters (like #, $ or !) in the book file name or the export process won't work.

Once you've created your backup file, you can transfer the file to a different computer to work on your project or share the file with someone to get feedback and edits.

Fonts in shared book files

If you used any fonts in your book that aren't installed on the second computer, be sure to copy those font files and transfer them, as well. On PCs, your font files are found under Control Panel > Fonts; on Mac OS, the typefaces can be found in your Font Book application.

Open the backup file 

1. If you're transferring the book to a different computer, or sharing it with a co-author, move the book file to the other computer. Save it somewhere easy to find, such as the desktop. (You can also use this method to restore your book on the original computer).

2. In BookSmart, choose Import a Book from the More Options menu at startup
. (Or choose File > Import Book Project). 

3. Find the location of your .bookexport file, select it, and click Import.

4. Your book will now import.

  • If your book fails to import, please restart your computer and try again.
  • Be sure that the file you selected in step 3 ends in ".bookexport".
  • If the import continues to fail, please contact us.


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