Keyboard shortcuts for BookSmart

We've got your keyboard shortcuts mapped out for you.

Mac Command PC Command Shortcut
command+shift+/ (command+?) F1 BookSmart Help
command+z ctrl+z Undo
command+shift+z ctrl+y Redo
command+x ctrl+x Cut
command+c ctrl+c Copy
command+v ctrl+v Paste
command+shift+v ctrl+shift+v Paste plain text
backspace backspace Delete
command+n ctrl+n New book
command+o ctrl+o Open book
command+w ctrl+F4 Close book
command+s ctrl+s Save
command+shift+s ctrl+shift+s Save a copy as …
command+p ctrl+p Print
command+a ctrl+a Select All
command+k ctrl+k Change Library Location
command+; ctrl+; Check spelling this page only
command+shift+; ctrl+shift+; Check spelling entire book
command+1 ctrl+1 View one page only
command+2 ctrl+2 Viiew facing pages
command+3 ctrl+3 View pages as thumbnails
command+4 ctrl+4 View cover
command+left arrow ctrl+left arrow Previous page
command+right arrow ctrl+right arrow Next page
command+= ctrl+= Zoom in
command+- ctrl+- Zoom out
command+m ctrl+m Auto zoom for text input
command+shift+d ctrl+shift+d Duplicate layout
command+b ctrl+b Bold text
command+I ctrl+I Italicize text
command+u ctrl+u Underline text
command+[ ctrl+[ Open double quote
command+] ctrl+] Close double quote
command+shift+[ ctrl+shift+[ Open single quote
command+shift+] ctrl+shift+] Close single quote
command+r ctrl+r Rotate clockwise
command+l ctrl+l Rotate counter-clockwise
command+shift+a ctrl+shift+a Fill image area (crop)
command+shift+l ctrl+shift+l Align left top (don't crop)
command+shift+c ctrl+shift+c Align right bottom (don't crop)
command+shift+r ctrl+shift+r Align right bottom (don't crop)
command+alt+p ctrl+alt+p Preview book
command+f ctrl+f Find and replace
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