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Make changes to book after it's uploaded

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Once you upload a BookSmart project to your account, that uploaded book on can not be edited, except to delete it from your account.

Edit your book in BookSmart and re-upload

If you need to make a change to your book after you've uploaded it, edit your book in BookSmart then upload it again. Be sure to name the book something distinct from the version that is already uploaded so that you know which version to order once the corrected version is uploaded. Alternatively, delete the outdated version from your account to remove any confusion about which version is the final copy to be ordered.

Missing BookSmart file for the book you want to change? 

If you lost access to the BookSmart file for the book you want to edit, there is still hope! Using our new book-making tool, BookWright, you can import a previously-uploaded book made in BookSmart, make edits, then re-upload your book.

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