Add text or image container to page layout

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We give you a lot of flexibility in creating the layout of your dreams. Feel free to add text or image containers to a page layout, even layering images and text on top of a background image.

Select the page that you would like to change and click the Edit Layout button at the top left of the BookSmart window.


From the Edit Layout screen, click either the Text Box or Image Box icons. 

A new text or image container will appear on your page. You can drag the container to a new location or change the size of the container to fit your design.

Please note that you cannot move a text container flush to the edge of a page. Text containers should be left at least 1/4 inch (.635 cm) away from the page edges. You will not be able to save your custom layout if your text containers are too close to the edge. Additionally, text containers can not overlap one another and must be kept more than 0.03 of an inch away from one another.

Image containers can overlap one another. However, you cannot place an image container over a text container. If you want text on top of an image, please place a text container on top of your image container.

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