Use an image for the page background

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Want to have an image background on your pages? Follow these steps to create a page layout with an image container in the background and other image and text containers layered on top of it.

  1. Click the Edit Layout button to start customizing your design.
  2. Add an Image Box and expand all edges so that the image container has filled the entire page.
  3. Add additional Image Boxes or Text Boxes to layer on top of the background image.
  4. Be sure that the background image is behind the other boxes, and that it is the bottom most layer by selecting that image container, then click on the Send to Back button.
  5. Click Apply and then drag and drop your background image into the large image container. Then add your other image and text as desired.

BookSmart does not have a function to change the opacity of an image. If you want to have a faded or hazy look for your background image, you will need to use a photo editor to adjust the image before loading it into BookSmart.


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