Create a two-page photo spread in BookSmart

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If you're looking to use a single photo across two pages in BookSmart, you've come to the right place!

Insert a new two-page spread in BookSmart

Choose a place in your book where you want to insert a two-page photo spread. Select Insert > Two-page Photo Spread


Choose the number of two-page spreads to add. "1" will add a single two-page spread.

A full bleed photo spread layout will be automatically inserted. In the pages below, the image container goes to the edges on both pages, past the pink shaded area and red dotted trim line. 


Drag and drop an image to the new two-page spread. An image used in this layout can be moved around within the two-page layout so that it spans the two pages automatically.

These two pages will be locked together, which means that they won't be separated if you move pages around in your book, or if you drag and drop the two-page spread somewhere else in the book. 

Tips to remember:

  • Don't place important content in the center, or gutter, of the book because it will probably be lost in trimming and binding for all products except our Layflat books.
  • Layflat books are printed on one continuous sheet of paper so there's no gutter loss or variation in spread alignment.
  • If you have horizon lines or other lines crossing a page spread the sides may not match up perfectly in the printed, trimmed and bound book. There may be up to 1/16th inch/1.6mm in alignment (unless you've chosen our Layflat binding option). See our general article on making two page spreads.



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