Information about end sheets

What is an end sheet? 

End sheets are the pieces of paper glued to the inside of your hardcover book’s front and back cover. End sheets can't be designed on.

What does an end sheet look like?

Here's a sample of our standard mid-grey end sheet. (Due to differences in monitor calibration the end sheet colors pictured may look a bit different in real life).


Which books have end sheets?

  • Only hardcover books (Dust Jacket and ImageWrap) have end sheets.
  • Hardcover perfect-bound Photo Book formats offer a range of end sheet colors as part of our Proline options.
  • Hardcover Layflat Photo Books have white end sheets.
  • Softcover books and magazines do not have end sheets.

What are the end sheet color choices?

Trade Book Formats

  • If you choose white paper for your hardcover Trade books, your end sheets will be white.
  • If you choose cream paper for your hardcover Trade books, your end sheets will be cream.

Layflat Photo Book Formats

  • Hardcover Layflat books come with white end sheets only.

Perfect-Bound Photo Book Formats

  • After you upload your hardcover Photo Book, you can choose our default standard mid-grey end sheet at no extra cost or upgrade to one of the other colors below. 


Standard mid-grey








Light grey


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