Add a frame or border around image using Bookify, Blurb's online bookmaking program

If you'd like to have a border or frame around your image, simply choose a page layout that leaves some space between the page edge and the image edge, so that the image doesn't completely fill the page. 

When creating a border or frame on the page, we suggest using a thick border, since a thicker border will hide any slight variations in the frame width which may occur during the trimming and binding of your book. 

Option 1: Choose an existing layout

In Bookify, select one of the photo layouts that has a white outline around the grey image container. The white outline is uncovered page area that will serve as a border. If you add a background color to the page, your frame will be that color.



Option 2: Zoom out on a full bleed image

Use a full bleed layout and simply reduce the size of the image by zooming out to create a border around the photo. Select the page layout that shows grey covering the entire page. Drop your image into that image container and zoom out so that you can see some of the background of the page.



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