What's a proof copy? Why should you order one?

What's a proof copy?
A proof copy is simply a single Blurb-printed copy of your book. You might order and review one before placing a large order, or before submitting the book for an important client, event or class. Once you review your proof copy you can make changes before placing the final order.

Why is a proof copy important?
This single copy lets you to see how your book looks in print with Blurb's papers, inks, trimming and binding. It's also your chance to catch overlooked typos, dark images, or content placed over our trim guides...or anything else you might have missed while reviewing your work on screen.

We don't review or edit any of your content or design so it's up to you to make sure things look right. It's no fun ordering 100 copies of your book only to find that you've spelled your client's name wrong. Or that you've placed someone's photo too close to the edge and now their head is cut off. 

Leave enough time
Be sure you allow enough time for production and shipping for both your proof and the final copies. Check our shipping estimates using our shipping calculator

Can Blurb print a partial book?
We don't offer individual pages, partially printed books or unbound books, and we don't offer free proof copies. Take a look at our pricing page for single copy pricing.


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