Review your project

All our book-making programs allow you to preview the front and back covers and interior pages before you upload and order the book. While previewing your book, look for:

  • Spelling errors
  • Words that you accidentally typed twice or left out by mistake
  • Punctuation errors
  • Cut-off text that is either too large for its container or placed too close to the edge of the page
  • Important content placed too close to the edge of the page that might be cut off. Pay attention to any trim guidelines. 
  • Bleed designs that don't reach all the way to the page edge.
  • Any other issues related to your text, images, or layout choices that you may have overlooked

After your first review, take a break. Make some coffee or tea, relax a bit, then come back and give everything another look. You may also want to have a friend look things over as well—a second set of eyes never hurts. 

Don't forget a proof copy: if you're planning to order a large number of copies or if the book is for an important event or project, we recommend ordering and reviewing a single Blurb-printed copy first. This allows you to see how your book looks in print and catch any issues before placing the final order.

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