What are the cover choices for Blurb books?

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Cover types

Below are the three cover types available at Blurb. From top: softcover, hardcover dust jacket and hardcover ImageWrap.


Our softcover option is available for most every type of project, whether a photo book, a trade book, or a magazine. The softcover features durable perfect binding and a flexible, high-gloss laminated cover. Printing is done on the front cover, back cover, and spine. There are no cover flaps or end sheets. Please note that this cover type is not available for large-format photo books or Layflat books.


Hardcover ImageWrap 
Our ImageWrap cover option allows you to print an image directly on the front and back cover. ImageWrap covers feature a durable matte finish and perfect binding, as well as end sheets. There are no cover flaps. ImageWrap is the only cover type available for LayFlat books


Hardcover Dust Jacket
This option features linen hardcover cases wrapped with laminated full-color printed glossy dust jackets and perfect binding, as well as end sheets. Trade books are available with a slate-gray linen hardcover, and Photo Book formats come with a black linen that you can upgrade to an oatmeal or charcoal color. Layflat photo books are not available in the dust jacket cover option.

We do not offer the option to emboss or print on the linen covers underneath our dust jacket books, but your local bindery or print shop might be able to do this for you. 


Anatomy of a Dust Jacket
The glossy dust jacket wraps around your linen hardcover book when you select the Hardcover, Dust Jacket cover option.


Flaps. Dust jacket flaps fold around the edges of a Hardcover, Dust Jacket book. When designing your cover, the Back Flap will fold to the back of the book and the Front Flap will fold around the front.

Back cover. This is a good place to include glowing reviews and testimonials, and possibly a summary of your book. Even if you can't judge a book by its cover, the cover can definitely make a great first impression.

Front cover. The front cover can feature your book title, a subtitle, author name, and images you select.


Spine. The spine is a great place to include your title and author name.


Can I order a dust jacket separately?


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