Can I order multiple books at the same time?

You certainly can! In a single order, you can order as many books as you want as long as they're in the same product category. Our product categories are: Photo Book, Layflat, Trade Books and Magazines

Sometimes we'll produce different types of products at different locations. When this happens, our site will restrict you from ordering that combination at the same time and you will see an error message when trying to add these products to your cart.

For example, if you are planning on ordering a Photo Book and a Trade book to the same address, or a Layflat book and a Photo Book, you will need to place separate orders. After you have placed your orders, contact us with both order numbers so we can discount some of the shipping charges.

Swatch kits will also need to be ordered separately, but economy shipping is included in its redeemable cost. If you order a swatch kit with a faster ship method, we cannot provide a discount on that shipping charge.

To qualify for a shipping discount, orders must be placed on the same day and must be shipping to the same address. We cannot discount shipping if the orders are shipping to different addresses since this would require a separate checkout regardless of the book formats ordered.


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