Promo codes and discounts

How do you get Blurb promo codes?

How to use a promo code

Volume discounts

  • Volume discounts are automatically applied to single orders with 10 or more photo books, trade books or magazines. 
  • You can't combine a volume discount with a promo code.
  • If you have a promo code that will give you a better deal than the volume discount, you can enter your promo code instead. That will remove the volume discount and apply your promo code savings. 
  • If you override the volume discount but then change your mind, empty your cart and start again. The volume discount will reappear. 
  • Volume discounts are applied to Blurb's "base price" only. Volume discounts will not apply to any mark-up added by the author. 

Discounts for schools, non-profits, professional photographers, etc.

  • Blurb doesn't have specific discounts for professional photographers, non-profits, or other organizations.
  • If you're a professor interested in a discount for your class see the Education Discounts section of our tips for class projects.
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