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How do you get Blurb promo codes?

Where can I find Blurb promo codes?

Blurb sends out promo codes and offers details via marketing emails and newsletters. You can opt in to receive emails from Blurb by signing into your Blurb account and clicking on this link:

Some promotions may also be listed on our website and social media pages. Here are the links to our social media accounts: 

How to use a promo code

Volume discounts

  • Volume discounts are automatically applied to single orders with 10 or more photo books, trade books or magazines.
  • You can't combine a volume discount with a promo code.
  • If you have a promo code that will give you a better deal than the volume discount, you can enter your promo code instead. That will remove the volume discount and apply your promo code savings. 
  • If you override the volume discount but then change your mind, empty your cart and start again. The volume discount will reappear. 
  • Volume discounts are applied to Blurb's "base price" only. Volume discounts will not apply to any mark-up added by the author. 

Discounts for schools, non-profits, professional photographers, etc.

  • Blurb doesn't have specific discounts for professional photographers, non-profits, or other organizations.
  • If you're a professor interested in a discount for your college or university course please contact our customer support team. Also see our tips for class projects.

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