Blurb gift cards

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Does Blurb sell gift cards?
Blurb no longer sells gift cards. But if you purchased or received a Blurb gift card in the past, you can still use it to purchase items on our website*. 

How can I check my gift card's balance?
You can always see how much is left on your gift card by using our Gift Card Lookup tool. When entering your code, remember that capitalization matters.

Can I replenish my gift card?

Existing gift cards cannot have their balance topped up. 

Does my gift card have an expiration date?
Blurb gift cards don't expire*. Your gift card can be used until there's no more value remaining on the card.

*Some US states require unused gift card values to be turned over to the state in a process known as escheatment. Please contact us if your gift card shows zero value but you think it shouldn't. 

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