Can I cancel or change my order?

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Need to cancel or change your order?

  • You can cancel an order yourself, within three hours of placing it, by following the steps below. After that three hour window has passed, the order is sent into production and can't be cancelled. 
  • Customer support is unable to cancel orders for you. You must sign in to your Blurb account and cancel the order yourself within the three hour window.
  • The contents of your book or wall art can't be changed after you order. But you can cancel the order within the three hour window, make changes, and upload/order the new version.

How to cancel your order

You must sign in and cancel the order yourself, from the order history page, within three hours of placing it. Customer support can't cancel orders for you. Here's how:

1. Sign in to your Blurb account and click My Orders.

2. Locate the order you want to cancel. 

  • If you see the word Pending beside your order, continue to step 3.
  • If it says In Production the cancellation window has passed and it's too late to cancel the order. 

3. Click the order number. 

4. Click the Cancel Order button then click Cancel this order. This will immediately cancel and refund the order.

If you cancelled because you wanted to make changes, upload and publish the new version then place a new order for the revised version.

Additional details

  • Only print books or Wall Art can be cancelled and refunded.  Digital products cannot be cancelled or refunded. If you cancel an order with both print books and digital items, the digital items will not be refunded.
  • Cancelled orders are refunded immediately. But your bank may take 5 business days or more to process the refund. We can't speed that up.

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