Shipping to a PO Box

Does Blurb ship to PO boxes?
PO Box delivery is only available for orders shipping to the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. We don't ship to PO boxes in the EU or any other country or region besides these.

How to select the PO box option

If you're shipping to a post office box in the US, Canada, Australia or New Zealand, select This is a PO Box when you create or edit an address.


PO box shipping options

When this box is checked your order will be delivered via the local postal service. (Fedex and UPS do not deliver to PO boxes).

Shipping to a PO Box may limit your shipping options at check-out. To see more shipping options uncheck the PO box and use a valid street address instead.

What's a PO box?

A note to our international users: a post office box, PO box, POB, or postbox is a locked, rented container from which the recipient can receive and remove mail. A PO box is usually located within a post office and you pay money for it. It's NOT the mail box located in your house or flat. 

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