Warnings about image resolution or text overflow in Bookify

A warning can pop up in your book if you have an image with resolution too low to print well, or if you have a text container with text that will not print correctly.

Image resolution warning

When this icon pops up on a picture, it means that the picture you’ve selected is too low-resolution to print clearly at the current size. Even if it looks fine on your screen, it may look blurry in print. 

How to fix an image resolution issue

You can fix the image resolution warning by zooming out, or clicking the Fill Photo or Fit Photo options. Or simply swap the image out for a higher resolution image if you have one.

Text overflow warning

When this icon appears on a text box, the amount of text exceeds the space provided, so some of the text will not be printed. 

How to fix an text overflow issue

You can fix the text overflow issue by reducing the amount of text until the alert no longer appears, changing the size of the font, or selecting a different page design that accommodates more text.


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