Full bleed images and layouts in Bookify

A full bleed image extends or "bleeds" to the edges of a page so that the image completely covers the entire page and does not show borders or white space around the edges. We'll show you what a full bleed layout looks like in Bookify and how to best position your full bleed images.  

Full bleed layout

A full bleed layout in Bookify shows a completely grey page with no white areas or edges. Click the page layout button, then choose a full-bleed page layout.

Image position

Position your image so it reaches to the edges of the page. If not, you may end up with a hairline border along your page edges. You'll also want to be aware of where the gutter and trim lines are so that you keep important content out of those areas to prevent it from being lost in printing.

Example full bleed image layout

Below is an image in a full bleed page layout. This screenshot has the trim warnings turned off so you can see how the image runs all the way to the page edges. 


The below image has the trim warnings enabled. Remember to keep any important content (text, faces, tops of buildings, etc.) out of the pink shaded area.



Preview your book

Use Bookify's Preview and Order button to verify approximately what your full bleed image layout will look like in print. You should check to be sure there are no unexpected white lines around the edges of your image-- if there are, you didn't drag your image all the way to the edge of the page.


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