Create a two page spread in Bookify

Want to use a single photo across two pages in Bookify? You've come to the right place! 

While Bookify, our online book-making tool, does not have a way to automatically create a two-page spread, you can follow these steps to manually create one.

1. If you're starting a new book, select the Clean and Simple style in step 2, which will automatically create full bleed layouts for your pages. 

2. If you're continuing a book that doesn't already have full bleed page layouts, click the page layout icon below your pages and choose the completely grey layout that does not have a white edge or border. Do this for both the left- and right-hand pages.

3. Place your image on both the left-hand and right-hand page, then zoom in to reposition the image so that the left half of the image is on the left-hand page and the right half of the image is on the right-hand page. 

TIP: you can view the exact zoom level by clicking the image, then clicking and holding the zoom slider. This allows you match the zoom level across both pages exactly. 

Don't place any content in the very middle of the book that you would mind losing. This middle section is the "gutter" or binding of the book, and may be lost when the book is trimmed and bound. Any lines crossing the gutter might not match up perfectly in the printed, trimmed, and bound book. Up to 1/16 inch (1.6 mm) variation can occur under normal conditions.

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