Create a book with your Facebook photos

Bookify is Blurb's online photo book tool, and we can connect directly to your Facebook account to pull in photos from Facebook into a book. To get started, go to the Facebook to Book page and click Make a Facebook Photo Book. Be sure you're using a browser like Safari, Firefox or Chrome. You'll be prompted to log in to your Facebook account to give access to Bookify. You may have to click the Login button again in Bookify once you're already authenticated with Facebook.

  1. Select the photos you're tagged in and photos from albums that you want to include in your book.
  2. Once you have all of the photos you'd like to use in your book, click Continue.
  3. Add the book title and author, then click OK. Your photos will now load in Bookify, and this may take a few minutes, depending on how many photos you selected.
  4. Once your photos have loaded, flip through the pages of your book to review and make edits. You can:
    • Turn captions and comments off and on
    • Rearrange the order of the pages
    • Change the background of pages
    • Delete pages
    • Add more photos
  5. When you're finished with the inside pages, design your cover by clicking the Cover button at the top left.
  6. The last step is to review the entire book one last time and if everything looks good, click Ready to Order to publish and purchase your book. 


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