Change layouts in Bookify

If you're working on a book in Bookify and want to change the layout of your page, you have a few options. You can choose a different page layout by either selecting the shuffle or layout icons just below your page while in two-page spread view.

The shuffle icon will cycle through the various layouts and change your page while you click. 

The layout icon will show you various layouts and allow you to select one before applying it to your page. 


An easy way to change your layout to add another image container is to drag an image onto a page, dropping it on the bottom of the page. Bookify will create another image container for your page. As you hover over the page with your new image selected, you'll see a message Drop here to add. Drop the photo there and you'll have a new layout with another image container. Repeat the drag and drop process to as many images on a page as you desire, at least up to sixteen.


While we give you some flexibility to change your layout, it is not possible to build your own book styles or layouts in Bookify; you must use the layouts and styles available.

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