Trim and Bleed Guidelines for Blurb's InDesign Plug-in

This article details the bleed, trim and safe lines found in our InDesign plug-in templates and provides examples of good and bad layout choices regarding those lines.

Bleed, trim and safe lines

You'll see three colored lines in each template when using our Blurb Book Creator plug-in for InDesign.



  • RED = Final File Size/Bleed Line. Full-bleed images must reach the outermost red bleed line in order to ensure a full bleed.
  • BLACK = Page Size/Trim Line. The black trim line is an approximation of where the trimming will occur. Actual trim line may vary slightly.
  • MAGENTA = Margin/Safe Art Boundary. Keep important content inside the magenta line.


Example layouts

Correct layout: content placed inside magenta safe lines

Text is safely within the inner magenta line, with no risk of being cut off: 

id_text_ok copy2.png


Below, the important content (the top of the cat's ear) does not cross the magenta safe line, so there's no risk of the top of the ear being trimmed off:



Correct full bleed layout

This is a properly designed full bleed layout. The image runs all the way to the outer red bleed line on each edge, completely filling the page. (And the cat's ear doesn't cross over the magenta safe line).   




Incorrect layout: content placed outside magenta safe lines

Text placed beyond magenta safe line will be trimmed and not visible in the printed book:



Below you can see that the important content is placed beyond the magenta safe line. Even though the top of the cat's left ear doesn't cross the black trim line it might still be cut off. Keep all important content inside the magenta safe line.



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