Creating an ebook with the Blurb Book Creator InDesign Plug-in

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Zo S.
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Please note: ebook creation is not available with InDesign CS-3

1. Download and install the Blurb Book Creator.

2. Launch InDesign and go to File > Blurb Book Creator to open the plug-in.

3. Click on the Start Book button and add a Title and Author for your new ebook.

4. For Book Size, select the iPad Aspect Ratio ebook size.

Since this is an ebook, there is no selection for Paper Type or Cover Type.
You can enter in an estimation of your page count, and this can be changed later.

5. Click on the Create Pages Template and the Blurb Book Creator will design a blank template for your ebook specifically sized for an iPad.

There is no separate Cover template for an ebook. The ebook template has a cover page, a title page, and then contains spread pages depending on the page count you entered. There are helpful instructions on the template that will not export when you upload your ebook to Blurb. You can hide this layer by clicking the eyeball icon on the Layer Palette in InDesign. All of your design should go on the “Your design goes here” layer.

Once your design is complete, return to the Blurb Book Creator and click the Upload Book button. Your book will run through our preflight error check and then be uploaded to Blurb. The ebook will then be opened in the Blurb ebook editor for you to edit and publish.

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