Uploading an existing PDF to Blurb

There are two parts to getting a PDF printed: making sure your PDF is print-ready and then actually uploading the PDF. Follow the checklist below to successfully print your PDF with Blurb.

1. Make sure your PDF is print-ready

  • Ensure all the fonts you used are properly embedded in the PDF.
  • Use our specification calculator to design files to the correct dimensions.
  • Make sure your book has an even number of pages, and at least 20 pages. 5x8 and 6x9 books should have page counts divisible by 6.
  • Verify that all the images in your book are between 150 and 300 DPI.
  • Make black text only 100% Black ink.
  • Rasterize overly complex vectors (e.g. Illustrator or CAD graphics).
  • Create your cover last after you know your final page count.
  • Place images and artwork out to the bleed of the document to allow for trim so white lines will not appear at the edges of trimmed pages.
  • Use perceptual rendering intent on all objects when possible.
  • Don't use spot or registration color.
  • Review your PDF file prior to upload. In Acrobat/Adobe Reader make sure the following are set in preferences:
    • View -> Page Display menu of the PDF, select Two-Up and Show Cover Page During Two-Up
    • Preferences > Page Display > de-select Use Local Fonts
    • Preferences > Page Display > set Use Overprint Preview to Always

2. Upload a PDF

You have a few options on how to get it over to us:

  • If you are using Adobe InDesign to create your book, use the Blurb InDesign Plug-in to design and upload your project.
  • If you created your PDF using a program besides InDesign, you can upload it via our PDF uploader.

Please note: PDFs will be automatically resized if they are within about a 10% dimension tolerance, so after you upload your PDF, carefully review its preview.

All set? Start uploading your PDFs




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