Add, remove or format page numbers in BookWright

We give you several options for page numbers in your book. You can choose to have page numbers on every page, or on just the left-hand pages or on just the right-hand pages. You can also skip having page numbers completely. 

Add page numbers

1. Click either the Pages icon or the Background icon in the upper left.

2. Click the # icon and select where you want your page numbers to display, and on what pages to start and end the numbering.


Remove page numbers

1. Click the Background icon in the upper left.

2. If your page layout contains page numbers, you'll see ### marking where on the page the numbers will display.

3. Right click the page number container you want to remove and click "Delete".

This will remove all page numbers from that side of the book. So if you right-click the left-hand page number container and then choose Delete, all your left-hand page numbers will disappear. 

4. To remove page numbers for all pages on both sides, repeat this step for the other side.

It is not possible to remove page numbers from individual pages, but images placed over page numbers will obscure the page number if you'd like to cover it. Don't forget to review your page numbers and everything else before you upload and order.

Format page numbers

To format your page numbers (change the font, size, color, and other options):

  • Click the Background icon in the upper left. 
  • Now, on the page, click the box with the ### symbols. 
  • This will open the text formatting window, as pictured below.
  • From there choose your font, size, and other options. (Don't type over the ### marks).
  • Now repeat the same process for the ### marks on the right side page.



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