Add, remove or format page numbers in BookWright

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BookWright gives you several options for page numbers in your book. You can add page numbers to every page, or just the left-hand pages, or just the right-hand pages. You can also leave out page numbers completely. 

You can't remove page numbers from individual pages--it's all or none. But any images placed over page numbers will hide the number so it won't show on the printed page.

Remember to review your page numbers (and everything else) before you upload and order your book.

Adding, removing and formatting page numbers

  • Click either the Pages icon or the Masters icon in the upper left.
  • Click the add_pagenumbers_unselected_2x.png icon and select where you want your page numbers to display, any formatting and choose pages on which to start and end the numbering.
  • To remove page numbers, click the Remove Page Numbers button.






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