Add images or text to all pages with BookWright's Background feature

If you'd like to add the same text or the same images to all the pages in my book, you've come to the right place. With BookWright's background feature, you can quickly apply images and text to every page of your book. The most common use of this feature is to add page numbers, headers, and footers to every page of a book.

Use the Background feature

With the Background feature, you can add images, text, page numbers, headers, or footers to all the pages in your book at one time.

1. Click the Background icon in the upper left of your screen.


2. To add page numbers, click the # icon on the left. More information is in our FAQ about how to add and remove page numbers

3. To add a header or footer to each page, click the Text box icon under Draw. Then draw a text box for your header or footer and click inside it to write your text. More details are in our FAQ about adding headers or footers.

4. To add the same image to every page of your book, click the image icon under Draw. Then draw an image container on the page and drag and drop the image you'd like to have as a background image on every page. You'll have to draw image containers on both the left and right side pages if you want every page to have an image background. More information can be found in our FAQ about setting a background image.


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