Full Bleed Layouts in BookWright

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Want your image to completely cover a page? You're looking for a full bleed layout.

A full bleed layout completely covers the entire page or cover, with no white edges. If you want a full bleed layout in BookWright, make sure that the edges of your image reach the outer edges of the page or cover--not just the red dotted trim line. This will ensure you don't have any unwanted white edges in your printed book.

How to design a full bleed layout

1. For Pages, select a select a full bleed layout by dragging it onto a page. For Cover designs, click the Draw Photo Icon add_imagebox_unselected_2x.png  and add a photo container to your layout, stretching the edges of the container to the page edges. Full bleed layouts are the completely grey layouts shown under All Layouts, with no white edges around them. (You can also simply drop the photo onto the page or cover and adjust it as shown in step 2). 




2. Position or zoom your image so its edges reach all the way to the outer edge of the page or cover. Don't stop just at the red dotted trim line. 

Below is a correctly-placed full bleed image, with the trim guides displayed. Notice how the edges of the photo reach all the way past the red dotted trim line to the outer edge (the "bleed edge"). This ensures there won't be any unwanted white edges. 



Here's the same image with the trim guides turned off to show how the image reaches all the way to the outer edge of the cover. This design would not have any white edges in the printed book.



Below is an incorrectly designed bleed. Notice how the image ends at the red dotted trim line. This design would result in white edges in the printed book.



Below is the same image with Show Trim Areas turned off to better show how the photo doesn't reach all the way to the outer bleed line. 


Remember, the design and content of the book is entirely up to you, so be sure you take advantage of the trim guides and consider ordering and reviewing a single "proof" copy before you place a larger order. You can also see our tips for your first book.


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