Full Bleed Layouts in BookWright

Want your image to completely cover a page? You're looking for a full bleed layout.

A full bleed image is an image that completely covers the entire page. If you want a full bleed image in BookWright, make sure that the edges of your image reach the edges of the page and not just the red dotted trim line. This will ensure you don't have any unwanted white edges in your print copy.

How to use a full bleed layout

1. Select a full bleed layout by dragging it onto a page. Full bleed layouts are the completely grey layouts shown under All Layouts

 2. Position your image so its edges reach all the way to the page edges, not just to the red dotted trim line or shaded pink area.


3. Preview your book by clicking Preview in the upper right hand corner of the screen to verify that your image reaches all the way to the edge of the page.


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