Apply page or cover colors and backgrounds in BookWright

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Want to add a background color to your BookWright project's cover or pages? You can either apply a background color to individual pages/covers, a custom set of pages or to all pages/covers at once using the instructions below:


Option 1: Right-click on an individual page and choose Apply Background Color. Be sure you are not right-clicking on an image or text container, otherwise you won't see this option.


Option 2: From the menu at the top of the screen click Edit > Apply Background Color


Option 3: From the covers or pages tab, click the  pagecolor_unselected_2x.png icon.

From the here you can manually add R/G/B values or select a color from the color wheel. You can also set a custom page range for your background colors or apply to all pages. When applying your color to your project's cover you'll be given the option to add this background to the selected cover type or all available cover options.

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