Delete a BookWright book

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If your BookWright screen is getting cluttered with books you started but then gave up on, you might want to remove those outdated books. You can delete these from your computer, but these books cannot be deleted from within BookWright.

To delete a book from your computer you must find the BookWright folder on your computer then delete the book file from there. This cannot be undone, so only delete a book if you're certain that you no longer need it. We cannot undelete, recover, or return books that you have deleted.

1. Search for the folder "Blurb" on your computer to locate the book's .blurb file. The default location on a PC is My Documents > Blurb while on a Mac it's Documents > Blurb. You can also view the location of your book file from the Welcome to BookWright screen.

2. Navigate to the folder on your computer named "Blurb" that contains files ending in .blurb. 

3. Right click on the file that you want to delete and select "Move to Trash" to permanently delete the book. (The exact wording may vary depending on your operating system). Remember, this cannot be undone, so be sure you no longer need the book file.




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