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Need to send a draft copy of your book to someone? Want to share a book with a co-author to get their edits and additions? There are several ways you can share your BookWright project before you order a printed copy. 

Option 1: Share an Instant PDF version of your book

To share your book before printing, you can now purchase an "Instant PDF" copy. You'll first need to upload your book in order to see the PDF option. You can then send the PDF file to others to review. Read more about the Instant PDF option.

Option 2: Use our online preview at

You can upload the book to your account, enable the online preview for the entire book, and send a link to the book via our "Tell Your Friends" feature. Please read our FAQ on sharing your book for more information.

Option 3: Send your co-author an editable copy of the BookWright file

You can send your co-author an editable book file which they can open on their computer and use BookWright to review and edit. Once they're done with their edits, they can send you the new version if you need to review their changes or continue working on the book. 

  1. Find your BookWright file. BookWright files start with the title of your book and end in .blurb, so locate that .blurb file. (The default location on a PC is My Documents > Blurb while on a Mac it's Documents > Blurb).
  2. Share that copy with your co-author. The easiest way to do this is to send them the file using a file transfer service like DropBox or Hightail. Alternatively, you can copy that .blurb file to a USB drive and pass it to your co-author.
  3. Make sure your co-author has Bookwright installed.
  4. If your co-author doesn't have the same fonts you used, they'll need to install those fonts as well. If not, BookWright will substitute fonts.
  5. Have your co-author copy your .blurb  file to the location they'd like to store it on their computer.
  6. Your co-author can then double click the shared book file to open it.

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