Move a BookWright book to another computer

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Here's how to move, back up or share your BookWright book.

1 Locate the .Blurb file of the book you'd like to move, share or back up. The default location on a PC is My Documents > Blurb. On a Mac, it's Documents > Blurb.

2 Copy the .Blurb file to a portable storage device like a USB drive or external hard drive. You can also send the file to yourself via an online transfer service such as

3. If moving your book: also copy over any fonts in your book that might not be installed on the second computer. On a PC your font files are found under Control Panel > Fonts. On a Mac the fonts can be found in your Font Book application.

4 If all you're doing is backing up your files you can stop here. Otherwise, if you want to open that book on another computer now, make sure it has BookWright installed ( then continue to the next step.

5 Connect your storage device to the second computer.

6 Move any fonts you may have copied and install them on the second computer.

7 Move your BookWright file (ending in .blurb) to the second computer. Copying it to the desktop will make it easy to find.

8 Double click on that .blurb file you just moved to open your book.

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