Move a BookWright book to another computer

If you'd like to work on a BookWright book on a different computer, you'll need to move the book file the same way you would move a Word document or image file by copying the file to the other computer. Instructions are below. 

1. Locate the .Blurb file of the book you'd like to move. The default location on a PC is My Documents > Blurb. On a Mac, it's Documents > Blurb.

2. Copy the .Blurb file to a portable storage device, like a USB drive or CD/DVD. You can also send the file to yourself via an online transfer service such as

3. If you used any fonts in your book that aren't installed on the second computer, be sure to copy those font files and save them to your storage device, as well. On PCs, your font files are found under Control Panel > Fonts; on Mac OS, the typefaces can be found in your Font Book application.

4. Take your storage device to the second computer, and, before opening your BookWright project, copy over any fonts you brought over and install them.

5. Copy your BookWright file from your storage device to the location you'd like to store it on this new computer.

6. Double click on your .blurb file to open your BookWright book on this computer. Install BookWright from here if needed:

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