Create a two-page spread in BookWright

Want to place a single image across two pages in BookWright?

Read on to discover how to create a page spread in BookWright. A page spread is a single image that covers two pages. 

You can create a two-page spread in BookWright in one of two ways, as shown below. 

Option 1: choose the page spread layout then drag and drop it to your pages. 



Option 2: expand or draw an image container to cover two pages.



Next: drag an image into your page spread. 

No matter which method you choose to create a page spread, if you want your image to completely cover the page, make sure the edges of your image reach all the way to the page edge, not just to the red dotted trim line. And don't place important content in the gutter, where the two pages meet. 

To remove a page spread first delete the image and then the image container.

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