PDF Proof feature in BookWright

What is the PDF Proof feature? 

BookWright offers a PDF Proof feature under File > Export PDF Proof. This will save a low-resolution, watermarked PDF to your computer, which you can use for proofing purposes.

This PDF Proof is a low-resolution file which is not suitable for printing or for high-quality viewing. 

Click File to see the Export PDF Proof option.

How should you use the PDF Proof?

  • Share your progress. You can use BookWright's PDF Proof file to show other people your progress and get their feedback on your book project. Simply email it to them as an attachment for review. 
  • Proof your work. You can also use the PDF Proof file to review your work and proofread your content. This could be useful for proofing large amounts of text. However, we recommend using BookWright's Preview feature as the best way to review your book before ordering.  
  • Print a low-resolution draft copy at home. If you absolutely must have a hard copy of your book you can print this file. But we don't recommend doing so--the result will be low-resolution and can use a significant amount of paper and ink. Also, the colors in your printed PDF Proof will not necessarily represent the colors in your Blurb-printed book.

How should you NOT use the PDF Proof?

  • Don't print it expecting high-resolution. Do not print the PDF Proof expecting a high-quality print. It is a low-resolution draft file. Your final Blurb-printed book will print in all its full-resolution glory. 
  • Don't sell or distribute it. The PDF Proof file should not be used for digital distribution because it is a low-resolution, watermarked copy. If you want to purchase or sell a PDF version of your book, use our Instant PDF option. 
  • Do not submit it for printing. You should not use the PDF Proof for printing through Blurb or anywhere else. It is a low-resolution file and will not print well. It will also include Proof Copy text on every page. 
  • Seriously. Don't submit it for printing. The PDF Proof contains text at the bottom of every page which will also appear if the PDF Proof is printed. (Proof Copy: Not optimized for high quality printing or digital distribution). You don't want that in your printed book. 


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