Import a Word document into BookWright

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If you have a Word document with text you'd like to import into BookWright, save your .doc or .docx file as a rich text format (RTF) file then import into BookWright. (To save a Word document as an RTF file, use the File >Save As feature in Word).

Once you have an RTF file, you can import it into BookWright and have your text flow automatically from page to page.

Getting started  

1. Open Blurb BookWright and start a book, or continue a book already in progress.
2. Click the Text Files icon, then click the Add RTF Files.

Import your RTF file

3. Browse your computer for the RTF file(s) to import.
4. Select the file, or hold the Shift key to select multiple files and click Open.

Add your RTF file to your book

5. Your imported RTF files are now display on the screen in the Text Files library in BookWright.
6. Drag your RTF file onto a page.
7. Choose a layout for the text to flow across your pages and click Apply Layout.



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