Change paper type in BookWright

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Blurb has several paper types to choose from, and we prompt you to select your paper type when you're making your book in BookWright. If you change your mind, no problem! You can always update the type of paper for your final book in BookWright.

If you already uploaded your BookWright book and want a different paper type than what you see at checkout, you must change the paper in BookWright then re-upload your book. 

Also follow these steps if you made a Trade Black and White book and want to convert it to a Trade Color book (or vice-versa).

Here's how you change the paper type of your BookWright book:

  1. Open your book in BookWright.
  2. Click Papers/Format > Change Paper in the menu bar.
  3. Select your paper type from the drop-down options.
  4. Upload your book and you'll see the new paper type as an option during checkout.



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