What’s the difference between BookWright and BookSmart?

BookWright is our latest and greatest book-making app for designing and self-publishing print and ebooks on your Mac or PC. BookSmart was our first book-making tool, launched in 2007.

Because BookWright is built with the latest technology, it runs smoother and faster, and incorporates new features that are not available in BookSmart. We encourage you to try out BookWright because it will meet the needs of most book-makers.

Use BookWright if you want:

  • A text-centric book (BookWright does a better job at handling large blocks of text)
  • To use an ISBN, either your own or a free ISBN from Blurb
  • An easy way to create digital books
  • Custom photo books, magazines, and novels in either print or ebook format.
  • Automatic image enhancement to improve the printed results of most images by slightly lightening and sharpening your images. 


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